hair loss in men

Today’s hair loss replacements for men have improved greatly over the years with the introduction of new designs using new base materials and higher quality ventilating.      THEY NO LONGER LOOK LIKE YOUR FATHERS’ TOUPEE.  The results are truly amazing in regards to creating a natural front hairline and a totally natural appearance.    With today’s advanced designs, these replacements are very light density so that the scalp can show through the hair.    With these high quality grafts and a properly trained specialist, the fear of a “rug” look is a thing of the past.     With proper instructions on  caring for the graft, the client will be able to easily recreate the same natural appearance at home without spending  a lot of time in front of the mirror, etc.    Those who decide earlier in their hair loss, will have an easier time adjusting to their new full head of hair.

Sage  Hair Solutions, Calgary