I noticed that my hair was thinning when I was in my twenties. After I had a baby, my hair loss became more noticeable and started to really bother me. I spent a lot of time trying to style it in ways that made my hair look fuller, but it got to the point that I couldn’t hide my hair loss anymore. It was really upsetting me and finally I decided to do something about it. I came across Linda’s website and contacted her.

Linda has impressed me from the day I first spoke to her. She is very supportive, knowledgeable and non-judgmental. I have now purchased two hair systems from her and have been extremely happy with both of them. I get lots of compliments about how healthy my hair looks and I no longer spend time stressing over my hair! I would highly recommend contacting Linda at Sage Hair Solutions if your are looking to deal with your hair loss.


I can not begin to tell you how happy I am with my new hair. I have had so many compliments on it and everyone loves my new colour. They said it makes my hair look fuller. Lol.
I have not stopped smiling since last weekend as I absolutely love it. I have this new found confidence that I never had before and I owe it all to you. Thank you so much Linda.

I am not in the habit of writing testimonials for services rendered. However, I would like to commend Sage Hair Solutions for the kind, yet professional services provided to me. Linda is knowledgeable about hair loss and the difficulties associated with this condition. Linda found me an appropriate hair system that was undetectable. She also provided me with the tools and information I need to care for it. I would recommend that anyone interested in getting a hair piece, to consult with Sage Hair Solutions. Linda is friendly, funny and goes the extra mile to ensure that one’s forays into the hair business are as stress-free as possible. She is an asset to the profession and I will continue to seek her complete hair services

Bev (Calgary, Alberta)

Linda is not only compassionate and understanding of the circumstance, but has specialized training and a support team with a wealth of knowledge offering a fantastic natural product which will open doors to a whole new world of options and self-confidence.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the level of product and the commitment to satisfaction that I received from Linda and the Sage Hair Solutions team.

With thanks,
Nancy (Calgary, Alberta)

My Hair began thinning when I was in my mid -twenties.  As a woman, I did not expect this and found it very traumatic.  Over the next several years I did  my best to hide the hair loss with back- combing and different cuts and colour.  However in recent months I experienced more hair loss and it became more and more difficult to hide.

I contacted Linda at Sage hair solutions because I noticed on her web sight that that she had experienced hair loss as well.  She was very compassionate and helpful. She was able to assess my needs and figure out what kind  of hair system would suit me best.

I now have a beautiful hair system that is undetectable and integrates beautifully with my natural hair. Linda is masterful at cutting and colour matching. I enjoy my new hair system and can style it in many different ways. It is so much easier than doing my natural hair! It has saved me so much time in the mornings.

The best thing is that I look 10 years younger. I didn`t realize how much my thinning hair was aging me. I love the body and fullness that i now have.

I have decided to keep my decision to wear a hair system private aside from my husband,and nobody in my family has detected that I`m wearing one. This is proof of the natural results that Linda helped me achieve.

The setting of the Sage hair Solutions salon is very private and care is taken so  that you can come and go confidentially with out running into other clients. this really set me at ease.

I would highly recommend sage Hair Solutions to any one experiencing hair loss. Their is hope for you to regain a beautiful head of hair!



Sage  Hair Solutions, Calgary